The Creative Conversation Continues

Earlier this year patterer Amy Hall Gibson got in touch with us to say:

I loved reading your conversation with David Harradine, very inspiring! It got me thinking about who I would want to talk to about early years arts and the first thought was Virginia Radcliffe artistic director of Licketyspit early years theatre company. I have met Virginia once quite a few years back and she was such an inspiring person to speak to and to watch perform.

I would like to speak to her again and have a conversation about what inspires her to do what she does and how she overcomes/overcame challenges creatively and financially. I am also interested in how she went about setting her company Licketyspit.

Their conversation has now been published on the site. Amy caught up with Virginia, the Artistic Director/ Chief Executive of Licketyspit whilst she was in New York.

“Children love playing with adults who really play with them in an equal way. And actors are the people who play as seriously as children play. Obviously plays are actors’ work and a lot of people say play is children’s work. Playing is the last things that children stop doing. When children are starving in refugee camps they still play. It’s vital. Children need to play.”

Read the full transcript here.

Read the first Patter supported ‘Creative Conversation’

Earlier this year Hazel interviewed David Harradine of Fevered Sleep, the London based theatre company that have produced numerous works for children including Brilliant, The Forest and Dusk.

A full transcript of their conversation as well as information on how Patter can support you to conduct your own can be found here.

Practical Saturday in Glasgow


Mmmm… Sensory!


Greg prepares for his workshop about the on the crossover of arts experiences for Early Years Audiences and young people with learning disabilities.


We welcome baby Jack to his first Patter meeting!


The group think about some things that performances for both audiences have in common:


Just before Maria showed us her new performance idea the cafe gave us a box of tomatoes. This genuinely happened!


Ellie baked chocolate and beetroot cakes for us, and asked us to give her feedback on them, so we could practice using the Liz Lerman Critical Response Process.

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The group wrote postcards to the other Patterers about their day.

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Patter Practical Saturday in Edinburgh

Patter Practical Saturday in Glasgow

Launch of the new Patter website

Welcome to the brand new, shiny Patter website!

The idea is to create a blog for the artists who are part of the Patter community to share posts and ideas about the creation of participatory arts experiences for Early Years Audiences. We would like as many members as possible to contribute to this blog with regular posts from a variety of perspectives. With so many interesting ideas and exciting artists involved it should make for a good read!

If you have an idea for a post you would like to write, or a post you would like someone else to write then please do get in touch with